The Path Revealed

The Path Revealed It was a sultry afternoon, as a usual Indian summer. And hidden from the prying eyes of my parents, I was restlessly flipping through the pages of a book. I was looking for any reference to a seemingly simple word ascribed with the most incredible glories. I had seen ten such summers by then, and I was … Read More


I WASN’T PREPARED, GOD WAS!  “Running the world is His responsibility. He is the Doer, not you and I. Surrender yourself to God and you will find that your life will become like a beautiful melody.” – Paramhansa Yogananda So beautifully written by master, so gracefully dramatized by divine mother! Yes, dramatized, for this is the story of my married … Read More

The power of group healing

The power of group healing In March 2021 covid struck our country with full force. It had an impact on each and every home .The situation in Delhi NCR was very grim with so many critical patients. The situation was very sad , pathetic and out of control. The hospitals were jam packed . There was dirth of beds , … Read More

There is Always Light at the end of the Tunnel

There is Always Light at the end of the Tunnel Trust the Process For many of us, when we start our spiritual journey, all our karma’s, unhealed emotions, toxic relationships come up at the surface indicating that it is a time to heal, time to let go of all that which is not serving you, time to take a decision, … Read More

Grace of the Gurus

Grace of the Gurus “To those who think me near, I will be near”- Paramhansa Yogananda To have Gurus in one’s life is like having a compass guiding your way always. The grace is tangible, you can feel and experience it! It has the power to transform us thereby transforming our lives. It was May 2012, when this college 3rd … Read More

No Separation is Permanent

No Separation is Permanent During 2017 my mother was seriously sick with kidney disease. Doctor had given an ultimatum that she would not live more than 6 months. Only option was dialysis but my mother strictly refused to get it done and opted to just live as long as she could with medicines. Seeing her suffering I was greatly troubled … Read More

My Beloved Gurudeva

My Beloved Gurudeva We have been told, the Guru comes in our lives when the time is right for us! My calling came only two years back… and my life has not been the same ever since, my beloved Gurudeva! Life was going on just fine, as I thought. But only after coming to this path, I now know what … Read More

My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey In 2005, I was in my last internship semester in College, when my close friend gave me the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” to read and begin my spiritual journey. During the day, I worked in the office and in the evenings, I read the book. It was challenging for me to read after a few chapters, … Read More

The New Path

The New Path – How Junie Saroya found her Spiritual Path The New Path , that is what Anand Sangha and Kriya Yoga have been for me. During one of the spiritual workshops (of different path) in 2014 all the participants had different experiences and visualisations. The visualisation which I had seven years back is still etched in my mind. … Read More

As I began my Spiritual Journey

As I began my Spiritual Journey Almost 7 years back, on one side I felt pulled by an invisible magnet and on the other side my restlessness was on the increase which was making my awareness dull. I learnt Reiki easily and felt I had a past association. I meditated but it had not become a habit. I wanted to … Read More