There is Always Light at the end of the Tunnel

Trust the Process

For many of us, when we start our spiritual journey, all our karma’s, unhealed emotions, toxic relationships come up at the surface indicating that it is a time to heal, time to let go of all that which is not serving you, time to take a decision, to think if you want to continue the way you have been living, continue suffering and continue living your life in an automated mode or are you willing to continue living  conscious life.


I remember the day when i came for my Kriya ceremony, when my Guru holded my hand, there was one part of my life, where i had to let go of all my toxic relationships, my draining job, my old car, my old house, which was not resonating with the new me any more and i also started feeling lonely around the old connections, and then there came a time when they starting accepting the new me. My old life started to die, and my new lighter fulfilling life was taking birth.


I remember after going through my awakening journey, one of my old childhood friend visited my place, we went out for dinner, and we realized our conversations changed, i actually didn’t had anything to gossip, i just wanted to be and enjoy the moment, to be precise, i didn’t have anything meaningless to talk about, i was only interested to enjoy the moment and just be. And, then, after some time, my friend started crying and said i can’t recognize you, who are you. I was astonished by her statement, and started wondering what did i do wrong.


I had only decided to live a more uplifting and meaningful life and stopped doing all that use to drain me. And, living life from inside out. That was the day, i realized that okay, just accept with grace, you are a different person now, and people who use to fit in your life earlier may not fit in, either you will see a different or newer version of the same old people, or they will start to vanish. And, what i have realized that most of my old connections have become more meaningful and uplifting now,  the same people started responding differently to the new version of me, and they also started changing, the beauty of this path is i believe that even if one person in a family or a circle starts working on their inner life, everyone around them starts growing and changing. This pure authentic energy is very contagious as everyone after all is seeking to live a better and happier life and sometime people who are on their journey of self discovery knowingly or unknowingly inspire so many others.


So, my message to all those who have started on this path is that always trust the process, believe in yourself, believe in your intuition, believe in your Guru, if he has picked you – you are special, very special. And, always remember despite of all those darkness you may have to undergo on this spiritual journey – which many call it the dark night of the soul, there is always Light at the end of the tunnel. And, our deepest fear is the fear of the unknown.


I would only like to say that just trust your Guru, have a feeling of surrender, if he has accepted you, he will take care of you always, he will be there to watch over you and hold your hand or above all transform you into a person who’s there to hold the hands of others and help others in need and make you a beacon of light for others.

                                                                                                                                                          – Anshita Sharma


  1. Beautiful description of positive changes which happen around us when we change ourselves…🙏

  2. Well expressed. It’s so true that we are all interconnected and change in one changes many around. It may repel also but everything is for a reason when our beloved Guru has decided to hold our hand.
    Now even if we want…he will not leave. 🙂
    Thanks for your expression Anshita.

  3. U have expressed yourself so well that is what really happens

  4. A very relevant and important article. I feel it covers energy, change, happiness, making life more meaningful and being closer to God. That’s the way to be. And very well written as I resonates with our simple, everyday life.

    1. It’s an incredible experience what Anshita has narrated in her story. Understanding ourselves and bringing the desired change in ourselves is the biggest challenge, I believe. The change comes when we the trust the things, friends, especially the Guru who brings the peace by the inner engineering.
      Thank you for this story.

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