My Spiritual Journey

In 2005, I was in my last internship semester in College, when my close friend gave me the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” to read and begin my spiritual journey. During the day, I worked in the office and in the evenings, I read the book. It was challenging for me to read after a few chapters, as the stories were difficult to believe. I stopped reading and returned the book to my friend. Maybe the right time was yet to come for me.
Still, the seeds of spirituality were sown.

Few months passed and I got married to my close friend. Once again, she gifted me the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” to read during my metro (train) rides to the office. With self-determination, I began reading the book again. After a few chapters, I again gave in and returned the book to her.

After a few years, we visited Paramhansa Yogananda Ji’s Ashram in Los Angeles, USA with other two more friends. It was a fascinating and mystical experience. I can still recall the beautiful colored fishes swimming in the serene lake.

Few more years passed and one evening, I was sitting with my wife in front of our counsellor to resolve something. The counsellor told me “let me recommend something to you”. He opened his table drawer and handed me a blue-colored book. This book was none other than “Autobiography of a Yogi”. Oh My God! What I have been resisting for all these years is coming to my rescue again and again.

In 2017, I joined Ananda Sangha Gurgaon and finished my meditation classes upto level 3. I heard the Audio version of the book. Meditation classes and chanting with the harmonium enhanced calmness and serenity within me. I am growing wise moment by moment.

Today, I live in Agra and my day begins with Energization Exercises and playing my favorite chants ‘AUM, AUM, AUM’ and ‘Listen, listen, listen to my heart song’ with harmonium. My Chachi (Aunt) says I play well. This way I attune to God with long hours of meditation during Purnima and other auspicious days. In all my thoughts, words, deeds I pray Almighty to guide Thou will.

Bodh Saraswat


  1. Relationship with Guru is of incarnations so he keeps calling and when we open our doors, he holds our hand and takes us along to bliss. Beautiful experience and presence of Guru and God in your life.🙏

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