My Beloved Gurudeva

We have been told, the Guru comes in our lives when the time is right for us! My calling came only two years back… and my life has not been the same ever since, my beloved Gurudeva!

Life was going on just fine, as I thought. But only after coming to this path, I now know what I was missing. I often ask why my calling came so late, but I wouldn’t complain, because you know what you are doing, my beloved Gurudeva!

It’s a treasured blessing, to be under the grace of this lineage of Great Guru’s, my beloved Gurudeva!

Every time I read your Autobiography, I get lost in the streets and ghats of Banaras, it’s like a sacred pilgrimage which I can take anytime sitting at home, my beloved Gurudeva!

Two years back I had never imagined that having a Guru could have such a huge impact, that my days and ways would all change for good, my beloved Gurudeva!

I know you are guiding my thoughts and actions, slowly taking me from darkness to light, making me a better person, protecting me, holding my hand at every step, my beloved Gurudeva!

I could have never imagined myself energizing and meditating daily before, if not for you, my beloved Gurudeva!

One would ask, why have a Guru who is no longer in physical body? But I know, you make your presence felt in so many ways, time and again, I don’t feel you are far off, my beloved Gurudeva!

Deep Gratitude to all our Guru’s and Swamiji, for giving us Ananda, our spiritual family. For filling our lives with so many beautiful and uplifting chants, satsangs, talks and Gurubhai’s – all this brings so much joy, my beloved Gurudeva!

– Shuchi Gupta


  1. It is not our wish. I am from Gurgaon.
    I got job in Kolkata. When I used to walk in park Street.I saw photo of Guru Ji.Not knowing who he.Every day that photo attract me.
    I ask book seller what cost of this book. He told me Rs 300.00.I has only 200. I requested my friend rs 100.for payment.

    I studied autobiography of yogi.
    My spiritual journey started from Kolkata with lot of pain and hurdles, I understood this pain and hurdles is my test.

    I understood that I got Job Kolkata by beloved Guru wish. I never thought to work Kolkata.

    As I served in Indian Navy. That time could has transfer my job in Kolkata.

    When perfect time come. He calls not before a second.

    I realised that I left my last journey of life in this path with Beloved Guru Ji.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey on this path.

  2. Very beautifully written ur experience n feelings for GURUDEVA

  3. Beautiful thoughts ! Resonate completely with them.

  4. Very nicely written Dear Shuchi Beta. You have chosen the right path. Guru ji bless you at all times

  5. Very beautifully written 👏Guru hai toh sab kuch hai 🙏

  6. Shuchi, Your article just touched my heart. I felt that this showed me the path.
    I really want to venture out on this.
    You have rightly said it will only happen when the time comes.
    Thank you for this article

  7. I had goosebumps all over reading your short and sweet article. I can feel every word you wrote has come straight out of your heart! What a befitting tribute!
    I hope you continue to inspire others to join this path too! <3

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