Grace of the Gurus

“To those who think me near, I will be near”- Paramhansa Yogananda
To have Gurus in one’s life is like having a compass guiding your way always. The grace is tangible, you can feel and experience it! It has the power to transform us thereby transforming our lives.
It was May 2012, when this college 3rd year student took the train journey towards her dream project. With so many ideas, thoughts and voices in her head she thought she is all set to put her foot forward into the world of her dreams. When this middle-aged gentleman sitting next to her bombarded questions she never knew existed- of dhyan, power of the divine, being the channel of this universal joy and light- The path of self-realisation. Before her conscious brain could reciprocate, her inner self (as if awakened by his words) pops the question “where is this world? How can I learn all this?”
and before she could understand what’s happening, Autobiography of A Yogi was in her hands!

The next thing, she was in an auditorium listening to Swami Kriyananda! At the first sight of him, she heard her soul call, load enough to cancel all other voices, the soul said- “its him you have to go”
Since then, Ananda Sangha has been that Spiritual Home, where my soul drew me!
Ananda Sangha nurtured my soul by passing the knowledge and teachings of the great masters of self-realisation. Meditation guided the voice of my conscience through the voice of the intuition which is far superior from the likes and dislikes developed in the conscious brain.
What I learnt is, don’t be afraid of falling down while listening to this new found voice. Guru’s grace is there to pull you up, always!

– Pallavi Yuvraj Singh


  1. Very well written Pallavi. Anand Sangha nourishes our soul.

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