“Running the world is His responsibility.
He is the Doer, not you and I.
Surrender yourself to God and you will find
that your life will become like a beautiful melody.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda

So beautifully written by master, so gracefully dramatized by divine mother!
Yes, dramatized, for this is the story of my married life.

In 2016, my husband got Herpes Simplex just a couple of months after our wedding! For my in-laws, it was a new word in the dictionary.

Also, this newly wedded little girl wasn’t prepared, at all!

Challenges were coming from the start; disease wasn’t getting identified as symptoms didn’t surface. Endless search for doctors, so many suggestions and questions in the surrounding. Every doctor we met said Yuvhraj’s case had gone to another level, there was no treatment for it!

Everyone was in a state of panic, but I was calm, a deep sense of alertness pondered on me. For this is how regular practice of meditation nurtures us. Challenging situations are just the play of the divine. It’s the inner self that gets moulded with every communion with the divine in deep meditation.

By offering up the situation at the feet of the God and the Gurus in deep meditation, guidance came in an instant!

Emotions ceased to erupt, surrounding no longer distracted. Like Arjuna, came the single pointed focus on the bird, in this case, it was the health of my earthly husband.

In place of ‘duty’, Divine mother’s Seva bhav emerged from the heart radiating peace and love. I was no longer me; it was Her, flowing through this body vessel.

More positive energy joined the cause as healing prayers started flowing from Ananda Sangha. Doctor Gurubhais aided their help. Nayaswami Dhyana’s counsel give rest to the feeling of suffering in my Husband’s heart. These are but the channels of God. Now it’s been three years, healed and in sound health he is.

For, God is ever prepared for what is to come, the sooner we surrender the quicker he is able to act through us.


– Pallavi Yuvraj Singh


  1. Yes dear.You’ve penned it down beautifully. God gives us what we need not what we want. As soon as we understand that, everything becomes smooth.🙏

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