The power of group healing

In March 2021 covid struck our country with full force. It had an impact on each and every home .
The situation in Delhi NCR was very grim with so many critical patients. The situation was very sad , pathetic and out of control. The hospitals were jam packed . There was dirth of beds , oxygen cylinders ,ventilators and life saving drugs. Everything was going out of hands. Poor people suffered due to lack of treatment, resources and others batteled for basic treatment .
With the blessings of Masters, at this crucial and critical stage Anand Sangha stepped in to contribute their bit in different forms. I was in the mass healing group that is sending the divine energy to the known and unknown patients in a group. The powerful healing techniques were taught by the great liberated master and our Guru ‘Paramhansa Yogananda’.
There were fixed time slots when a group of Gurubhais would sit down for channeling the flow of divine energy to the concerned person.

Requests were pouring in from every nook and corner of the world. At this point of time I realized the immense power of group healing and was reminded of an old saying “unity is strength”.

I could sense the increase in levels of energy while sitting in a group. The energy of the divine and the intention with which it was given worked together. It is not that everybody was healed but there were so many recoveries. Every recovery made us feel happy and energized. The unflinching faith in the Divine healing power kept us strong and going. Now the number of requests have come down considerably and we all are thankful for that.

Thank u Divine Masters for your teachings, Blessings and Energy.

– Junie Saroya


  1. Doing very noble service for mankind.this is a different way to serve nation in this corona time.

  2. Amazing. To read about the spiritual energy shared by all of you with suffering humanity.

    May you be blessed many times over.

  3. 🙏. Nice to know about such positive thoughts and energy. Blessed….

  4. What you are doing is a service to humanity. Keep it up.

  5. Dear Junie,
    You and your fellow spiritual masters are making a great contribution towards making this world a beautiful place by the healing powers that you have worked so hard to learn . Be Blessed always !

  6. The super power is always their in each and every human being. Once evoked with the gurus energy and guided path can do tremendous healing not only in oneself but radiate to all concerned seeking the same. Keep up the silence and continue to spread the healing power and energy.
    💐🙏WJKK WJKF 🙏💐

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