The New Path – How Junie Saroya found her Spiritual Path

The New Path , that is what Anand Sangha and Kriya Yoga have been for me.
During one of the spiritual workshops (of different path) in 2014 all the participants had different experiences and visualisations. The visualisation which I had seven years back is still etched in my mind. It is so clear and vivid as if I saw it few minutes back. It was like a reel of a movie sliding in front of my eyes. I very clearly saw
Paramhansa Yogananda looking at me with his peneterating eyes , his each and every feature was so clear, the background was rich brown and mustard. The next one also had the same coloured background with a beautiful tree loaded with yellow flowers. I was very much attracted towards these colours ,though till date I have not been able to understand the correlation. Now I very strongly feel that it was a sign for me which as an unevolvedsoul could not understand but it was constantly on my mind .
Our Masters were calling me, that is why one fine day I read about Anand Sangha on face book and till date I don’t remember enrolling. In a very short time I got a message from our gurubhai Kamal ji for level 1 class ‘Foundation of Kriya Yoga’. I went to the Ananda Gurgaon center for my 1st class , the calm and peaceful atmosphere acted as a balm,on my body , mind and soul.
My teachers were good ,soft spoken, gentle. They explained each and everything very well. The classes were by the watch which taught me the value of time. Thanks to Ananda Sangha. There was no looking back after this. There were many obstacles during this but I was determined to be a Kriya Yogini. With Masters grace I was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Dhyana ji on 1st of November 2020. I am thankful to Ananda Sangha and Kriya Yoga for centering my thoughts and bringing calmness in me.
I am thankful to my Masters for giving me an extended family in the form of Anand Sangha.

Always in gratitude and indebted to you, Masters.

– Junie Saroya


  1. True that Mrs Junie Saroya❤️
    Jai Gurudev 🙏❤️

  2. Thankyou Junieji for sharing such a beautiful experience with all of us

  3. Junie Saroya is indeed a blessed and a v lucky soul to have found her loving equation with God.😊🙏

  4. A wonderfully presented insight on what it actually is to experience true spiritual learning at Ananda Sangha. Speaks volumes on how important the learning of the nonmaterial world is in life.

  5. So happy happy happy for u junie…all the best for ur spiritual journey and progress…….with lots lots lots of love and light 💖💗💕💓💛✨💖💗💕💓

  6. What a beautiful experience. The master has indeed marked you.

  7. Beautifully described your journey on this spiritual path.

  8. Beautifully presented…,heartfelt gratitude!!..May your journey continue with much higher learning experiences …Good wishes always ❣️

  9. A humble beginning to a new path…this definitely brings calmness n serenity in life.

  10. You’re our spiritual guide Mumma.. wishing you happiness always ❤️

  11. Awesome, you did your bit by recognising and acting on your calling. Happy that we have one more person embarking on this beautiful journey with us.

  12. Dear Junie,
    It gives me great pleasure to see you embarking on this spiritual journey . I wish you much love, peace and great happiness in your chosen path as Kriya Yogini .

  13. A very well written and enthralling experience. May this new path you discovered give you peace and happiness.

  14. Beautiful soul and beautiful person ,grateful for having you as my friend.Be happy and blessed always.

  15. Very nice Junie. Wishing you all the best for your spiritual journey. I am sure like other fields you will be accomplished in spirituality also. God speed.
    Nitin Kohli

  16. Happy to know about your experience and wish you a very happy and wonderful life ahead

  17. Beautiful and blessed spiritual journey ❤️❤️

  18. Very happy for you sis. You are blessed to be on your Devine path.

  19. Beautiful experience Junie! And so inspiring. Thanks for sharing

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