Health and Healing- Teachings Of Paramhansa Yogananda

This course is packed with easy-to-follow healing techniques for the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
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This course includes relevant, practical advice for maximizing health on every level rather than merely avoiding ill health. It is based on ancient wisdom and a deep understanding of life. Paramhansa Yogananda often said: “Keep the body fit for Self-Realization!” The essence of Yogananda’s teachings on healing are integrative and holistic. While the majority of Yogananda’s teachings focus on spiritual healing, attained through meditation and communing inwardly with the Divine, but he also strongly emphasizes the close ties linking together body, mind, and soul.

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All-Round Healthy Living
Filling the Body with Energy
Food for Heathy Body, Mind and Soul
Mental Diet
For Healthy Teeth
How to Fall Asleep
The Magnetic Diet
Get rid of a Headache
For Health Eyes
For Toning Nerves
For Brain Power
For Healing a Muscle or Limb
Excercises for Vitality and Rejuvination
Energization Excercises
Superconscious Living Exercises
Vital Healing Exercises
Affirmations-The Power of Positive Thinking
What is an Affirmation?
How to use Affirmations
10 Affirmations for Everyday Life
God's Healing Power
Using AUM For Healing
Bathe in God’s Sunlight
Peace and Harmony Prayer
Healing Prayers
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Total ₹350

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